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Information Literacy Learning Community, WUSTL

Project Type

Learning Community, Educational Development



In the current social and political climate, the need for information literacy is increasingly evident as we have seen misinformation campaigns about COVID-19 and the Movement for Black Lives, among other issues. Both faculty and librarians in higher education have expressed renewed interest in teaching students to better decipher fact from falsehood, and both faculty and librarians have expertise that together can more effectively support students to become better consumers and producers of information (Goobler, 2018). But faculty and librarians are generally disconnected from each other on academic campuses and both encounter barriers that keep them from working together in programmatic ways to realize their shared goals (Christiansen, Stombler, & Thaxton, 2004). This learning community is designed to begin to address these challenges by providing the space, time, and resources that faculty and librarians need to co-develop richer information literacy learning opportunities for students within courses that faculty are already teaching.


Christiansen, L., Stombler, M., & Thaxton, L. (2004). A report on librarian-faculty relations from a sociological perspective. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 30(2), 116-121.

Goobler, D. (2018). How to teach information literacy in an era of lies. Chronicle Vitae. Retrieved from

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