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Distance Learning Librarian, KSU

Project Type

Instructional Design, Educational Technology



As the Distance Learning librarian much of my focus was to create videos, pathfinders, and other online learning objects for various courses. I developed an extensive video tutorial communications plan to standardize videos based on format, content, and length. Through this communications plan, I implemented tutorials that followed researched-backed guidelines such as using instructional design principles to ensure the videos maintain a learner-centered focus; created videos using a sustainable model for easy maintenance and updating; and created videos that were information literacy concept-based only.

Collaboration with other librarians to enhance the teaching of the instruction team was another major component of this work. I applied instructional design principles to library instruction, and developed creative ways to deliver and assess library instruction. For example, I participated on a team that sandboxed instruction ideas relating to the new ACRL Framework. We worked together to develop teaching ideas and activities, design lesson plans, and brainstorm ways to assess the threshold concepts set out in the framework. This was a safe space to tryout new ideas, assess the efficacy of the teaching activities, and hone teaching skills for the classroom.

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