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Information Literacy Coordinator, WUSTL

Project Type

Program Development, Educational Development



As Director of the Information Literacy program, I provided leadership in the areas of innovative information literacy teaching and learning of over 25 librarians across nine University Libraries. I built the program by focusing on pedagogy, assessment, and educational technology. I created resources and workshops for librarians on best practices in on-ground and online teaching. One major project of IL Program was to develop a shared definition of information literacy on our campus, as well as shared learning outcomes, assessment strategies, and communication and outreach strategies. I lead librarians in developing this work, collaborating with folks from across the libraries' nine different libraries. Creating these components of the program with collective buy-in demonstrated that the libraries valued these efforts and were committed to student learning across disciplines.

I also implemented assessment protocols for teaching and the program as a whole. A highlight of my time as the ILC is the creation of the Information Literacy Learning Community, with the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement. Since its inception in 2019, 15 faculty and librarians and their courses have engaged in the learning community, redesigning their courses using backwards design and integrating information literacy concepts and skills into the fabric of the course.

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